Crew // Bruselo & DJ Mukambo

Mukambo & Bruselo © Willemjan Vandenplas

Bruselo and DJ Mukambo are the driving forces behind Groovalicious and resident dj’s.

// Bruselo //

Bruselo is the artistic project of Bleri Lleshi. As a DJ he wants to show people the diversity of music by playing and promoting music from all over the world.

Urban roots & global grooves from the mountains of Balkan to the beaches of Brazil: Balkan, arabesque, coupé décalé, cumbia,  but also hip hop, reggae & jungle. Music with groove!

Furthermore most of the music Bruselo plays has a social and political message which he connects to the audience.

// DJ Mukambo //

As a Brussels-based music journalist, global sounds activist, radiomaker and DJ, Mukambo has been specializing in music from around the globe since 2005 for several Belgian and Dutch newspapers and magazines. He has a clear penchant for African music, from the mother continent to the Diaspora.

Mukambo addicted to afrobeat but can also make the dance floor shake to a selection of Brazilian vibes, urban grooves or global reggae, or a mix of it all: Global Grooves from the Urb’n’Jungle!

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